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Metral Circle Glass Pencil Edging Machine


Model CC, 1999

  • Machine is in good shape and runs fine.
  • Includes set of diamond and composition polish wheels.
  • Two Spindle Machine designed for round glass only


  • Diameters from 16″ to 47″ (400-1200mm)
  • Thickness: 3/16′ – 1/2″ (5-12mm)


  • Wheels are single stage (medium grit) diamond wheels 150x22mm
  • Polishing wheels are 150x22mm bore

Machine Dimensions:

  • Length/width/height: 1.1mm x 0.7mm x 2.2mm (43.3″ x 22.5″ x 88.7″)


  • Grinding Motor: 1.5HP 3 Phase 60 Cycle 220 Volt
  • Drive Motor: Single Phase 220 Volt
  • Pump: Three Phase 220 Volt

The machine works with glass in a vertical position, located on the rubber drive wheel and held above the adjustable double roller clamp.The drive wheel causes the glass sheet to rotate over the face of the diamond wheel (or polishing wheel according to stage of the process). The weight of the glass keeps the glass in contact with the diamond/polish wheel. The weight is offset by the front v wheel which also represents a contact point with the glass. The V wheel can be adjusted to provide a lighter or heavier grind. On smaller circles (i.e. with less weight( the pressure roller on the upper guide group created downward pressure on the glass to maintain good contact with the drive wheel and grinding wheel.

Quality Assessment: Unknown

Model Year: 1999

Manufacturer: Metral

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