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Keraglass Laminating System


Runs PVB, EVA and TPU film materials for laminated glass

Non-Clave system that uses heat and pressure from sealed silicone blankets to manufacturer laminated glass.

System uses a series of drawers which are pulled out for glass and film layup and then pushed back in for heat and press cycle, scissor lift included for loading the drawers at different levels.

Two drawers included with the unit, can take a total of five drawers.

Each draw measures 78” wide X 14 feet long

Unit includes 4 rolls of EVA film, .38mm thick x 100 meters long


Lamination of flat and bent glass of various sizes, shapes and thicknesses.

– Lamination of glass/marble and glass/ceramic combinations, with the facility for perfect drying of laminating materials.

In the “COMBI” version the kiln is divided into independent chambers: The low profile chambers are used for classic lamination of glass sheets, while one taller chamber is provided for laminating special products, bent glass, and for drying marble sheets for subsequent lamination.

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Quality Assessment: Good

Model Year: 2013

Manufacturer: Keraglass

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