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Stanza Machinery Vacuum Coater


Original Approx. Value: $60,000.00

STANZA STM MC/UV 200 Vacuum Coater Systems for application of coatings to 3- or 4-sided product.
Capacity: 12″ Max. width x 2″ max. height, 24″ min. material length.

Substrate enters a Polished Stainless Steel vacuum chamber via conveyor belt and passes through the coating head chamber:
Variable speed from 40 – 200 FPM (depending on profile) as the substrate leaves the chamber; vacuum’s negative pressure in the chamber keeps excess fluid inside resulting in 99% transfer efficiency. – Coating is fed through a 1″ double-diaphragm pump to a filter and re-cycled back to the 15-gallon reservoir for reuse.

Equipped with: (3) Regenerative vacuum producers, which hold fluid inside vacuum chamber; 15-gallon capacity reservoir; stainless steel vacuum chamber with 6′ belt conveyor with adjustable side guides.

Features: Air operated 1″ diaphragm recycling pump, high capacity fluid filter, separation tower with stainless baffle and filtering system; heavy gauge steel construction. Tower Dimension: 54″ W x 60″ H x 27″ D.

99% Transfer efficiency; coating thickness controlled with a modulating valve & vacuum pressure gauge.
Can be used to coat most solid materials, regardless of shape or length.

The PLC driven control system interlocks with machines in-line enabling process integration. The application chamber is designed for quick tool-free changeover that maximizes production uptime.

Electrical: 460 Volt, 3-Ph, 60 Hz, Air 15 CFM at 90 PSI.

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Quality Assessment: Like New

Manufacturer: Stanza Machinery

Serial Number: 5114-14

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