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The Story Behind the Frank Lowe Name

April 10, 2024

One question ISC reps are often asked: “Where did the Frank Lowe name originate? Did a Frank Lowe really exist?” Yes, yes he did! Frank Lowe founded the Frank Lowe Rubber & Gasket Company in 1955 and ran it as one-man operation until he sold it to Ira Warren in 1975. According to Warren, he […] Read more

Frank Lowe Delivers More than a Sale: They Deliver a Partnership

April 10, 2024

A premier supplier of products used for window, door, and glass fabrication, Frank Lowe is also known for going above and beyond helping customers. In fact, they’ll help a customer with just about any aspect of their business, whether it’s making a process more efficient or someone’s job easier. “We go beyond the sale,” says […] Read more