AmesburyTruth™ Launches Pinnacle ™

March 30, 2021

Pinnacle ™ Block & Tackle Balance

Revolutionary Design, Reliable Performance

AmesburyTruth is excited to introduce Pinnacle ™, their new inverted block & tackle balance! This cutting-edge technology features a patented pawl lock function that provides immediate and reliable locking engagement. The innovative design allows the pivot bar to directly connect into the balance providing a strong interface that can also aid in increased window load ratings. The universal application offers a more forgiving manufacturing tolerance that can be used across most window profiles. This non-traditional approach to design will have you taking a second look at your window hardware and overall window design. 

Features of Pinnacle

  • Ease of installation with twist and turn application
  • 2-option mount application allows for hanger-mount or screw-in installation
  • Reduce zing-up concerns with engaged locking mechanism
  • Increased window load ratings from a stronger pivot bar interlock
  • Refined design minimizes required space inside the jamb, allowing for improved sealing or structural enhancements
  • Reduced jamb pocket creates an opportunity for a narrower window design resulting in material cost savings
  • Reduce overall inventory utilizing one component that is flexible across multiple window lines and designs
Key FeatureBenefit
More reliable lockupNot reliant on jamb extrusion dimensions/tolerance to function lock, less warranty issues
Easy installation and replacementEasy twist and turn into/out of jamb pocket without the need to notch the pocket
Large target for pivot bar extensionMore manufacturing tolerance makes it easier for you to assemble your windows
Stronger pivot bar interlock with steel channelAids windows in achieving a higher load rating.  Achieved an average of over 25% greater pivot bar interlock strength over existing balance systems
Universal attachment clipClip design allows balance to be hung or screwed into the jamb allowing flexibility during installation process
Reduce overall SKU countMore forgiving design allows you to use the same base balance across different window lines and designs.  Up to 50% reduction in inventory depending on application
Reduced vinyl cost/less space required for balance pocketOpportunity to reduce jamb pocket width due to less space needed for new balance 
• Save up to 10% on vinyl costs depending on window design
• Potential for improved sealing or structural elements in window

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